"Living in Venice, or simply visiting means falling in love with her and in your heart there will not remain room for anything else." Peggy Guggenheim

Venice In only 10 minutes it is possible to conveniently park your car in the Medieval castle town of Monselice, where you can take the train and arrive in Venice in 40 minutes without worrying about parking tickets and spaces.

Venice enchants all its visitors with its unique architecture that seems to spread over the channels and  the “laguna”. The city hides timeless and beautiful corners.

Colorful and lively during the Carnival (February), Venice will show you all its magic atmosphere in autumn too, when the fog sensually surrounds the buildings and the water. The Biennale and Modern Art Museum Peggy Guggenheim testimony the vitality of Venice's contemporary Arts.
You can't miss the Ghetto, close to the train station with its Synagogues and the Museum of Jewish Art.