The Euganean Hills Regional Park

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"With respect to the surrounding countryside […]gently a hill full of boiling water swells up; […] here is the moist and inflamed region of volcano […]”
Claudio Claudiano, Aponus

The euganean hills regional park The Euganean Hills attract local and international visitors. Outdoor activities lovers can enjoy climbing, mountain biking and paragliding. 

The wine road of the Colli Euganei offers many different types of tasty wines and traditional dishes to wine lovers. 

Between the green valleys of the hills are the hidden treasures from the Middle Ages.

Explore the Middle Age small town of Arquà Petrarca, where you can visit the home of the ancient Italian poet Francesco Petrarca.

Visit the Praglia Abbey, whose stunning beauty, due to its Gothic style, invites you to meditation and spirituality.

In the valleys surrounding the Euganean Hills you will find beautiful Medieval fortified towns of Monselice and Este.

But if it is the natural side of the holiday you are looking for, the Euganean Hills offer you a wide variety of possibilities.